About us

The Elite Group was formed to serve manufacturers, businessmen, industrialists, and all business activities, consisting of two Aria Jam Logistics and International Shipping and Air Aria Jam services.

Elite Arya Jam Company

Elite Arya Jam Company, No. 371269, operates in the field of International Freight Forwarding, Clearance, Transit and Logistics We are committed to delivering the best service to our customers through our experienced Elite team.Our professional team strives to provide the best customer service at the best price. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Elite Arya Jam Company was established in March 2010 by the Honorable Director of Mr. Kambiz Shojaei Nik Company. He is a member of the International Shipping Dispute Resolution, as well as a member and lecturer at the Iranian Chamber of Commerce. Deliver your goods to our experienced and professional team.

Arya Jam Logistics

Arya Jam Logistics: Registered No. 531801 is proud to offer acceptable services to our clients in the field of foreign trade. Experienced company experts will select the top supplier according to the customer’s needs and review the required goods and announce the customers. External purchase operations are on the order if the customer approves. Aria Jam Group has no choice in the supplier country. Our strategy is market internationalization, business diversification, foreign trade development and industrialization. Our goal is to serve our beloved producers and importers to develop international trade and industry in Iran.