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The ground transportation method for bulk cargoes, while also discussing timing, is suggested. In this type of shipment, packing and layout are important points in calculating rates and choosing the type of service. Elite Aria Jam Company with representatives throughout Europe (Scandinavian, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Estonia, Czech, Greece, […]

Benefits of shipping companies from Ben-transit

Iran’s international shipping industry faces problems in ensuring export and transit of goods, which has created problems for the industry. According to Mehr Reporter, obtaining bin transit insurance, which is one of the legal duties and responsibilities of international shipping companies to attract and satisfy customers, has now become a new concern for these companies.

Transit workers in the winding of insurance and customs

Obtaining transit insurance has been a problem for many years for many international shipping companies, a problem that began in recent years due to the problems and problems faced by the Iranian customs. Insurance companies were, at times, under-transit insurance would not accept some insurers, and shipping companies would inevitably have to go to new […]