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Circular 99/04/20-99/04/21

Circulars on “Notification of Discounts Provided by Turkish Railways”, “System Receipt Announcement – Uncertain Rows” and “Electronic Pre-Declaration of Goods through Asycuda World System for Import and Transit of Goods to / from Turkmenistan” in the attached file Can. Discounts offered by Turkish Railways PDF Declaration of system receipt – undecided rows  PDF Electronic pre-declaration […]

Circular 99/04/14-99/04/15

The directives “Georgia’s new conditions for importing Iranian goods and trucks”, “Group supplementary health insurance contract”, “Rules for the entry of foreign trucks into Turkmenistan”, “How to accept foreign cargo fleet from Kyrgyz customs” and “Accompanying Iranian drivers with trucks” Ships will be presented in the attached file on ships between Turkey and Italy. Georgia’s […]

Circular 99/04/09

The directives “Delivery of Slovenian, Tajik and Croatian traffic licenses”, “Ensuring continuous charging of GPS system” and “Development of services for the circle of transit drivers in South Khorasan province” are presented in the attached file. Delivery of Slovenian traffic licenses Download PDF Ensure continuous charging of GPS system “Download PDF  Development of services for […]

Circular 99/04/01

The directives “Resolution of the National Headquarters for Combating Corona Disease on Extending the Deadline for Submission of Tax Returns by the End of September of this Year”, , Sweden, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan “are presented in the attached file.”Determining Tariffs for Carrying Types of Cargo on Iran’s Railway” Determining the freight tariff for all types […]