Benefits of shipping companies from Ben-transit

Iran’s international shipping industry faces problems in ensuring export and transit of goods, which has created problems for the industry.

According to Mehr Reporter, obtaining bin transit insurance, which is one of the legal duties and responsibilities of international shipping companies to attract and satisfy customers, has now become a new concern for these companies.

He added: “International shipping agencies are permitted by law to accept the responsibility of transit of incoming and outgoing goods and to use bin transit insurance instead of cash deposit or bank guarantee, which will ensure that these companies are protected and protected from customs duties.” This employer pays freight forwarding companies.

Shojaeenik said that international transit companies must have guaranteed checks and sometimes cash deposits with insurance companies and sometimes cash deposits with bin transit insurers, and then buy from Ben’s insurer after the contract is concluded, Said bin transit transit is used by international shipping companies during shipment of goods and when the cargo reaches the destination customs the border line opened for the transit company will be closed and cleared. This means that the transit bin used for the above cargo is closed without any damage.

Good courage, he said: The problem becomes even more severe when all the clearing is done with bin transit insurance and freight companies have no open border rows at customs when These companies face insurer failures to refund billions of guaranteed checks by insurance companies, while there is no legal reason for doing so, while shipping companies continue to deal with cash shortages and financial problems. Failure to return guaranteed checks to insurers to the dilemmas of this section It is the dawn.

Among the ways to address this problem, he cited the entry of the International Transportation Trade Association into the field and the establishment of a specialized task force to refund warranty checks for companies with no open frontier lines. He also highlighted the cooperation and cooperation of the Iranian Customs Union to overcome this problem.

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