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Circulars 99/0428-99/04/29

Circulars on “Notification of Resolution – Determination of Tariff for Transporting Containers of Twenty (20) Death Pregnant Women in Transit from Bandar Abbas to Khaf and Motahhari”, “Allocation of Bank Facilities for Affected Jobs to Compensate for Corona Disease”, “Application for Deposit in 1399” And “Truck entry algorithm to Kyrgyzstan” is presented in the attached […]

Confiscation of goods transit checks without cause

According to Eqtesadnews , the acquisition of Bin Transit Insurance, which is one of the legal benefits and duties of international transport companies in order to attract and satisfy customers, has now become a new problem for these companies. Iran’s international transportation industry is looking forward to the days after the final Lausanne agreement, and […]

Transistors on the edge of the razor

International transit companies are the executives for the transit of goods, which for a variety of reasons, including the lack of banking facilities to modernize the fleet and the lack of protection of these companies in the customs law, have many problems to serve. Kambiz Shojaeenik Transit, transit or passage is in fact the transfer […]

MSDS What is

MSDS consists of the first letters of the words, Material, Safety, Data, and Sheet, and refers to a sheet containing the safety information on the material! Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS (Technical Safety Data Sheet) are technical information sheets that provide information on special hazards, safe working and emergency instructions, and essential health and safety […]

Benefits of shipping companies from Ben-transit

Iran’s international shipping industry faces problems in ensuring export and transit of goods, which has created problems for the industry. According to Mehr Reporter, obtaining bin transit insurance, which is one of the legal duties and responsibilities of international shipping companies to attract and satisfy customers, has now become a new concern for these companies.