Confiscation of goods transit checks without cause

According to Economics News , obtaining bin transit insurance, one of the legal benefits and obligations of international shipping companies, is now in the process of attracting and satisfying customers. There is something new for these companies. Iran’s international shipping industry looks back on the days following Lausanne’s final deal and hopes to lift the Iranian economy, once transit sanctions are lifted, to bolster the transit industry. But the rail industry in the Iranian frontier has also hit sharp turns, with far-reaching implications for businesses in the sector. “For owners of transit operations, owners of goods must have at least equivalent entry rights or a multiple of value in cash or bank guarantees in favor of customs,” said Kambiz Shojaeenik, an international freelance activist. Which is not really affordable for them. Therefore, the practical way that importers and exporters are pursuing is to transit their goods to international shipping companies. “International law firms are permitted by law to accept the responsibility of transit of incoming and outgoing goods and to use bin-transit insurance instead of cash deposit or bank guarantee, which guarantees these companies,” he said, who manages an international shipping company. They provide customs protection and the employer pays freight forwarding companies. Shujai Nenik said that international transit companies must provide billion dollar checks and sometimes cash deposits to insurance companies and institutions and then buy from Ben’s insurer after the contract is concluded. International shipping is used and when the cargo arrives safely at the destination customs office, the border line opened for the transit company is closed and cleared. This means that the transit bin used for the above cargo is closed without any damage. The economist continued, noting that getting transit insurance has been a problem for many international shipping companies for many years, adding: “The problem started from the fact that in recent years the Iranian customs have been having problems with some of the It has insurance companies and institutions, at times Ben-transit insurance does not accept some insurers, and shipping companies have to go to new insurers and again pay billions of checks because of their obligations to their owners. CEO of Elite Arya International Shipping Co. Aria Jam, said: “The problem becomes more severe because when all the clearing is done with bin transit insurance and the shipping companies have no open border rows with customs, when they go to the insurer, Failure to repay billions of guaranteed checks by insurance companies, while there is no legal reason for their action, while freight companies continue to deal with cash shortages and financial problems and failure to issue guaranteed checks Insurance They have added to the dilemmas of this section. Among the solutions to this dilemma, Shojaeenik cited the entry of the International Transport Trade Association into this field and the establishment of a specialized task force to extradite guarantee checks for companies with no open frontier lines. He also highlighted the cooperation and cooperation of the Iranian Customs Union to overcome this problem.

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