Internal transit

Elite Arya Jam Company with capable agents throughout the country is able to cover the cargoes of foreign owners in the shortest possible time of foreign transit operations (Free Zones and Special Economic Zone of Iran) and domestic. The local agents network of Elite Arya Jam Company is present in most important ports and customs points of Iran such as Bandar Abbas, Bandar Bushehr, Bandar Kharmshahr, Special Area, Salafchegan, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Airport, Isfahan, etc. Private transit companies with:
Development & Equipment of Khatam, Sea Consolidation, Persia Khodro, Indamin Saipa, Renault Pars Co., Pump & Farman Toos, Iran Daroo, Iran Dantex, Dr. Abidi, Iran Medical Bands, Biobar, Pak Rokh, Jalalara Medical, Rajal Petrochemical, Petrochemical Fajr, Petropars, Frafen Gas, Arvand Plastic, Al-Mahdi Aluminum and Aluminum of Iran and cooperatives and manufacturing plants have cooperated during the activity.

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