Kambiz Shojaie

Mr. Kambiz Shojaei Nik, born in 1975, started his professional activity in 1998.

He taught for two years in a technical and professional organization and in 1979 he worked in the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and this activity continued until 2005.

Due to their personal interest in business and entrepreneurship, they have been consulting part-time in logistics companies since 2001 and entered the global trade market professionally from Nowruz 2005.

During his activity, he took specialized courses in international transportation from Fiata Organization and air cargo from Civil Aviation Organization and shipping from Ports and Maritime Organization.

The academic degree is up to the master’s degree in industrial engineering with a focus on systems engineering from the University of Science and Technology.

Since 2009, Elite Aria Jam Company has been established and until now, they are engaged in foreign trade and international transportation of goods.

He has also been honored to teach in specialized courses in international transportation and foreign trade since 2011 and has also been a member of the International Transport Transport Dispute Resolution Board since 2016.

To date, Elite Aria Jam Company with 60 professional staff in Tehran office and 10 employees in Bandar Abbas office are operating directly.

Hoping for increasing success

Email: kambiz.shojaie@elitearia.com

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