In international maritime commerce, a cost-effective way of exporting and importing goods to the owners of goods is generally proposed.

In this regard professional advice according to the specifications of the goods to choose the most appropriate marine service from the duties of Forwarder Company


Elite Arya Jam Company with experienced staff is able to provide the best services and advice according to the needs of freight forwarders from the following destinations to Bandar Abbas, Imam Khomeini Port, Bushehr and Khorramshahr.

Offshore Services:

  • Full Container (FCL)
  • Group Container (LCL)
  • Bulk Break Service
  • Service (RO-RO)
  • Refrigerated Container
Asian origins China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Dubai, Thailand, Bangladesh, Philippines
European origins Scandinavian countries, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria
Ancestry of North and South America US ports, Brazil
Australian origin Sydney, Melbourne

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