Air transport

Air transportation is the best time and safety option. In this type of shipment, the bid price is determined by the type of contract (Incoterms) and the specifications of the goods including the type of goods, the weight and the dimensions of the packaging.
Eliat Arya Jam Company is the trusted advisor in the selection of the best option along with the owners of the worldwide chain of contract with airlines including Emirates, Qatar, Mahan, Turkish, Iran Air, Kuwaiti …
The company also has an active office at Imam Khomeini Airport, which can obtain a warehouse bill on the day of arrival.
Elite Arya Jam holds official certifications from the National Aviation Authority and IATA.

Air freight services:

  • Fast and normal load harvesting
  • Carry out export or import customs operations
  • Issuance of bill of lading
  • Carrying dangerous goods
  • Carrying refrigerated goods

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